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Growing a vineyard in Texas isn’t the easiest thing to do, but the Marek and Hanus family didn’t have an easy start, coming from Czechoslovakia to America in the late 1800s. The winemaking passion began in 1891, when Winemaker Dan Marek’s Great Great Grandfather, Vaclav Hanus, planted and propagated over 100 grape varietals by himself. His fame spread from the small town of LaGrange, Texas, and folks would come from far and wide to bring his grapes home. Grandpa Hanus never charged anyone for them.

The last two years of his life, Grandpa Hanus was unable to walk, but his sons lovingly carried him, daily, to his vineyard. He would work on his knees to help teach others how to plant and grow grapes for themselves.

Grape growing is still a very active family tradition. Our family currently grows over 3000 vines planted on several acres in Rockdale, Texas, located at the second highest elevation in Milam County at 600 feet above sea level.

Georgetown Winery, a GO TEXAN winery, is located in a 127 year old historical building on The Square in beautiful Downtown Georgetown, Texas. Opening our doors in September 2007, we were the first and most award winning winery in Williamson County.