UnOaked Chardonnay $18.95
Not aged in Oak Barrels; very slight sweetness to the finish, CA

Chardonnay $21.95
Barrel aged for 1 months; light on the oak with a buttery finish. CA

Pinot Grigio $18.95
A delight to the palate with a smooth crisp finish.CA

Viognier $18.95
A crisp light citrus finish. TX


Sparkling Moscato $22.00
Semi Sweet |  TX

Sparkling Strawberry $22.00
Semi Sweet | TX

Sweet Peach $17.95
Lone Star Gold | TX

Sweet Blueberry $17.95
Southern Pride | TX

Sweet Blackberry $17.95
Texas Gold Rush | TX

Sparkling Red Moscato $17.95
  Red Poppy Passion

Sweet Tropical Blend $17.95
  Funky Monkey

3 Legged Willie $17.95
Sweet Red

Riesling $17.95

Semi Sweet White | TX

Sweet Sangria $17.95

Blend of grapes and fruits | TX

Texas Rosé $17.95
Semi Sweet Rose’ wine |TX

Cranberry Wine $19.95
Made from fresh cranberries – Sweet


Capitol Red (Barolo Grape) $19.95
Silky seduction to your palate.

Sangiovese $21.95
Lightly oaked/med bodied | TX

Merlot $17.95
Soft tones of oak and tannin | TX.

Big Tex $26.95
70% Sangiovese, 20% Cab Sauv, 10% Merlot. Aged 9 months in French Oak & American Oak. | TX

Chambourcin $22.00
A very smooth-bodied red with complex flavors and soft tannins.

Tempranillo $21.95
Dark in color with heavy oak and an earthy finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon $26.00
75% TX Cab, 25% TX Shiraz; aged 12 months in American Oak.

Petite Sirah $42
Bold/Heavy bodied | TX

Blacksmith Reserve $44.00
Big bold, heavy tannin (Petite Sirah/Tanat)| TX

Cowboy Red $46.00
Full bodied, mouthful of bursting flavors Winemakers blend | TX

Tinta Cao (sold out) $21.95
Portuguese Grape | CA

Tannat $26.95
Velvety tannins| TX

Vino Rosso $38.00
Blend- Malbec, Merlot & Tempranillo | TX



Chocolate Cherry Port $32.95
Jubilee Reserve – 17% Alc.

Chocolate Raspberry Port $32.95
Ruby Red Reserve – 17% Alc.

Ice Wine – Lone Star Frost $28.95
Riesling grape/California – 16% Alc.


Cheese Tray $12.00
Colby Jack, White American, Smoked Gouda, 2 meats and crackers (gluten free available).

Pub Mix $4.50 – 8 oz
Pretzels, pecans, m&m’s, peanuts, cashews, almonds.

Spinach Artichoke Dip $8.00
Spinach Artichoke dip served with pretzels.

Cream Cheese Tray $8.00
Raspberry jalapeno jam or spicy peach jam, cream cheese, served with gourmet crackers (gluten free available).

Artichoke Jalapeno Dip $8.00 
Served with Cream Cheese and Pretzels